Orcynia Music Productions
Hi, my name is Carline Van Roos, I started composing music when I was 16 and never stopped since. Over the years, I took part of 15+ albums with other musicians or in solo.  My songs also got featured in 2 movies so far.  During the last years I deepened myself into mixing  music and studied mixing engineering in an amazing studio in Amsterdam.

Let's be creative together and achieve the musical goal you have in mind.

- write me a message first and send me the tracks of your song.
- I mix a part of it for free, you listen to it and if you like it, we can go on.

What I can do for you, in a nutshell
- Mixing your song, single or album
- Mastering your song, single so it also sounds great on Spotify, Youtube and other media platforms
- Edit individual tracks

Special services
- I play different instruments and sing, so it is also possible that you ask me to record something to your song. (We have to see together if that would work)
-  I can help you in different ways, so just ask if you have something special in mind and we will see if that is possible.

Don't hesitate to write me a message

Thank you!